Management Accounting

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  • Introduction to Management Accounting

    Introduction to Management Accounting – Meaning- evolution- Definition- Nature and characteristics- scope- Objectives- Functions- Distinction between financial accounting and management accounting- distinction between cost accounting and management accounting- Tools of management accounting- Limitations of Management accounting

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  • Financial Statement Analysis

    Financial Statement Analysis - Financial Statements –Nature and limitations of financial statements- Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements- Objectives – Importance – Types of Financial Analysis – Internal- External – Horizontal – Vertical – Techniques of Analysis – Comparative Statements – Common Size Statements – Trend Analysis.

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  • Introduction to Ratio Analysis

    Ratio Analysis –Meaning – Objectives- Importance and Uses – Limitations – Types and classification of Ratios

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  • Liquidity Ratios

    Current Ratio- Acid-Test Ratio-Cash Ratio.

  • Solvency Ratios

    Debt-to-Assets ratio-Interest coverage ratio-Equity ratio-Debt-to-Equity ratio.

  • Activity Ratios

    Fixed Asset Turnover Ratio-Inventory Turnover Ratio-Return on equity-Working Capital Turnover Ratio-Creditors Turnover Ratio-debtors Turnover Ratio-EPS-Leverage Ratio

  • Profitability Ratio

    Gross profit Ratio-Net Profit ratio-Operating ratio-Operating profit ratio-Return on shareholders Ratio-Return on capital employed-Price Earning Ratio-EPS- Dividend Yield Ratio-Dividend Pay out Ratio

  • Fund Flow Statement

    Fund flow Analysis – Introduction – Meaning and Definition of Fund - Need for Fund Flow Statement – Managerial Uses- Limitations –Schedule of Changes in Working Capital- Funds from operations- Preparation of Fund Flow Statement.

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  • Cash Flow Statement

    Cash Flow Statement – Introduction – Meaning – Uses- Comparison between Fund Flow Statement and Cash Flow Statement – Preparation of Cash Flow Statement as per Accounting Standard 3 – Direct Method and Indirect method

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Management Accounting

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