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In today’s world, all of us are under the influence of ‘Advertisement’. Right from buying groceries to children’s study materials, finding a holiday spot to watching a movie, selecting restaurant for dinner to booking a banquet hall for special events, and searching educational institutions to hunting for a company to find jobs, almost every act is guided and decided by advertisements.

Advertisement (ad) is an efficient and effective technique to promote goods, services, and ideas. It is a paid form of non-personal communication wherein business information is made available for potential customers.

Advertisement, is derived from the Latin word “Advertere” which literally means “to turn the minds of … towards…”. Advertisement promotes and supplements selling of products, services, and ideas to a great extent. The most interesting part of an advertisement is – it carries factual information with fascinating emotional appeal. Hence, without a proper advertisement no business can prosper. the fundamental idea behind advertisement is to increase the business by selling goods/services.
Sales management is defined as the planning, direction, and control of personal selling including recruiting, selecting, equipping, assigning, routing, supervising, paying, and motivating as these tasks apply to personal sales force. Sales management originally referred exclusively to the direction of the sales force. Later the term took on broader significance in addition to the management of personal selling. Sales management spe­cifically contributes to achieve the marketing objectives of a firm. In fact, sales managers set their personal selling objectives and formulate the personal selling policies and strategies

Course Objective :- To make the students aware of the strategy, concept and methods
of advertising and sales promotion.



Introduction : Advertising-Meaning-Origin and development – Objectives-Importance- Functions of advertising-Role of advertisement in marketing mix- Classification and Types of advertisement- Merits and demerits- Advertisement process-                                                  Advertising planning- Key players in advertising industry-Advertisement agencies- Types and functions of advertising agencies- -Advertisement campaign -Social, economical and legal aspects of advertisement- Ethics in advertisement- meaning- perceived role of advertisement-Forms of ethical violation- misleading advertisements- advertising to children- product endorsements- stereotyping, cultural, religious and racial sensitivity in advertising- obscenity in advertising-misleading and deceptive advertising- false claims- Advertisement Standards Council of India – Regulation of advertising in India.


Advertisement appeal and media– Advertisement appeal- Meaning- essentials of an advertisement appeal- types of appeal- advertisement copy- requisites of an effective advertisement copy-types of copy- Elements of copy-Lay out- Functions of lay out- Elements of layout- Principles of design and layout- copy writing- qualities of a good copy writer- -Copy testing and advantages- Advertising media-Media planning and strategy-Types of media- Media selection-Importance of media planning and selection- problems in media planning- Internet as an advertisement medium- Objects of internet advertisement- Advantages and disadvantages of internet advertising – Permission marketing- Steps in permission marketing.


Advertising research-Need for advertisement research- Measuring the effectiveness of advertising-Importance of measuring the effectiveness- Methods: Pre-testing, Concurrent testing and Post- testing-Constraints in measuring the effectiveness- DAGMAR model.


Sales    promotion-Promotion mix- Components- Sales promotion-Concept- Definition-Scope-Objectives- Importance of sales promotion- Methods and techniques of sales promotion -Sales promotion strategies- Differences between advertisement and sales promotion—Advantages and drawbacks of sales promotion- Sales promotion budget and its preparation-Sales promotion campaign-Evaluation of sales promotion strategies .


Personal selling-Nature and importance-Essential elements of personal selling- Process-Principles of personal selling- Types of sales persons-Sales force management-Designing and managing the sales force- Evaluating sales force.

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