Banking and Insurance

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Banking and Insurance are two sectors which are fast evolving and witnessing a transformational change. Banks are the backbone of all activities, because every transaction where money is involved, the bank is the main character. Insurance business is one of the prominent financial services in modern times. Well-developed banking and insurance sectors can prove a boon for an economy.

Course Objectives

  • To familiarize the students with the basic concepts and practice of banking and insurance
  • To make students understand the new products in banking and insurance sector


Module I
Introduction to Banking- Origin and Evolution of Banks – Meaning and Definition-Classification of Banks – Functions of Commercial Banks- Primary and Secondary- Credit Creation-Reserve Bank of India-Functions of RBI-Banking Ombudsman Scheme.

Module II
Innovations and Reforms in Banking – E-banking – ATM – CDM – telephone/ Mobile Banking –ECS – EFT – NEFT – RTGS – SWIFT – CORE Banking – Cheque Truncation System – Credit and Debit Cards- CIBIL – KYC – Banking Sector Reforms-Prudential Norms- Capital Adequacy Norms – NPA – NBA – Basel norms – Small Finance Banks – Payment Banks – Financial Inclusion – PMJDY.

Module III
Banker and Customer- Meaning and Definition- Relationship- General and Special- Different Types of Accounts- Cheque- dishonour of cheque – payment in due course – Crossing – Endorsement.

Module IV
Insurance – Introduction- Concept of Risk- Insurance – Need and Importance – Principles of Insurance contract -Insurance Industry in India- IRDA – Insurance Sector Reforms – Bancassurance.

Module V
Types of insurance – Life Insurance– Features – Classification of Policies – Policy Conditions Application and Acceptance- Assignments – Nomination – -Surrender-Foreclosure- Marine Insurance – Features- Policy Conditions – Clauses – Fire Insurance- Motor vehicle insurance – Health Insurance- Burglary insurance-personal accident insurance- Re-Insurance- Group insurance.

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