Corporate Accounting 1

Fr. Alias P George
BVoc Banking & Financial Services
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50 students

This is a special branch of accounting which deals with the accounting of a specific or individual company. It includes preparation of final accounts, cash flow statements, for specific events like amalgamation, consolidated balance sheets, absorption, etc. Corporate accounting mainly focuses on analyzing and interpreting the company’s financial results.

Corporate accounting revolves around maintaining an organization’s financial records in order to ensure that the directed rules are compliance effectively and working procedures are held within the limits of the organization’s rules regulations and policies. Corporate accounting not only benefits the company but also enables the executives in making financial decisions. The Corporate Accountants dealing with all this work are also often referred to as Management Accountants.

Course Objectives

1.To help the students to become a good accounting professional.

2. The concepts and standards underlying the accounting procedures used to measure business performance.

3. The use of accounting information for business decisions as a basic language of business.


1.The students will be able to understand the traditional and behavioral finance perspectives on investor decision making.

2. This paper discusses the effect that cognitive limitations and bounded rationality may have on investment decision making.

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