Digital Signal Processing

Jixy Joseph
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The course covers theory and methods for digital signal processing including basic principles governing the analysis and design of discrete-time systems as signal processing devices. Review of discrete-time linear, time-invariant systems, Fourier transforms and z-transforms. Topics include sampling, impulse response, frequency response, finite and infinite impulse response systems, linear phase systems, digital filter design and implementation, discrete-time Fourier transforms, discrete Fourier transform, and the fast Fourier transform algorithms.


The primary objective of this course is to provide a thorough understanding and working
knowledge of design, implementation and analysis DSP systems.


After the completion of the course, students will be able to –

  1. Understand the basics of discrete time signals and linear systems.
  2. Use different types of DSP Techniques especially FFT, DFT, DTFT etc.
  3. Expert in Z transform techniques.
  4. Analyze the design techniques for FIR and IIR digital filters.


  • UNIT I-Discrete time signals and linear systems

    Examples of Signals -Classification of signals -System-Examples of discrete time-System models-Signal processing-Advantages ,Limitations and applications of DSP-Elementary continuous time signals-Representation of discrete time signals-Elementary discrete time signals-Classification of discrete time signals-Operation on signals-Sampling and Aliasing -Discrete time system-Classifications-Representation of an arbitrary sequence-Impulse response and convolution sum-properties-Causality-FIR,IIR, stable and unstable systems-Correlation of two sequences.

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  • UNIT II-DSP Techniques

    Frequency analysis of Discrete Time signals – Discrete frequency spectrum and frequency range -Development of DFT from DTFT – Definition of Discrete Fourier transform- Frequency spectrum using DFT- Properties of Discrete Fourier transform-Relationship of the DFT to other transforms-Properties-Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) – Decimation in time algorithm –Radix- 2 FFT -8 point DFT using Radix -2 DIT FFT

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  • UNIT III- Digital Filters

    IIR filters-frequency selective filters-Design of digital filters from Analog filters-Analog low pass filter design-Design of IIR filters from Analog filters-Approximation of derivatives -Design of IIR filter using impulse invariance Technique-Bilinear transformation-Direct form I structure of IIR systems-Cascade form realization of IIR systems-Realization of digital filters-Direct form I realization- Direct form II realization-FIR filters-Linear phase FIR filters-Design of FIR filter using rectangular window-The Fourier series method of designing FIR filters.

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