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Need satisfaction is the basic goal of human beings. The system of business feeds mankind with demanded products and services. It also generates newer needs and constantly engages in serving society with the required goods and services. Business is a complex and exhaustive process in a multidimensional framework. The radius of business is so extensive that it influences all aspects of human life. Learning of the business systems helps people to understand the depth and breadth of business along with the opportunities and challenges in this domain.

Course Objectives

  • To understand business and its role in society
  • To have an understanding of Business ethics and CSR
  • To comprehend the business environment and various dimensions
  • To familiarise Technology integration in business
  • To introduce the importance and fundamentals of business research



Module 1

Business and Environment Business- Functions – Scope – Significance of business – Objectives of

business – Business and development – Forms of business organisations- Stakeholders of business

Business Environment – Definition – Features- Importance – Components of business environment-

Internal environment and external environment – Microenvironment and macro environment- Global

business environment (10 Hours)


Module 2

Business in India- Stages and developments of business in the Indian economy since independence –

Role of public, private, co-operative sectors – Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalization –

Disinvestment – Outsourcing –Recent economic initiatives – Niti Ayog – Make in India initiative

(10 Hours)


Module 3

Technology integration in business- ECommerce- Meaning- Functions – Operation of E-commerce –

Types of E-Commerce -B2C-B2B-C2C- C2B- B2E- B2G- P2P- E-Commerce and E-Business –

M-Commerce- Meaning- Advantages- Challenges – E-Payment systems (brief study) Debit/Credit card

payment, Net banking, Digital wallet, e-cheque, e-cash – Payment gateway. (14 Hours)


Module 4

Business Ethics – Importance – Principles of business ethics – Factors influencing Business Ethics –

Arguments in favour and against business ethics – Social responsibility of business – objectives and

principles – Arguments in favour and against social responsibility. Corporate Governance – Meaning and

importance – Objectives – Principles (10 Hours)


Module 5

Business Research – Research- Meaning and Definition- Importance of research- Quantitative and

qualitative approach to research-Inductive and deductive reasoning- Major Types of Research (Pure-

Applied – Exploratory- Descriptive- Empirical- Analytical) – Business Research- Elements of Business

Research-Management Research- -Objectives- Research Methods vs Research Methodology -Research

Process(brief outline only) –Research report ( 10 Hours)


Suggested Readings

  1. Keith Davis and William C.Frederick: Business and Society Management, Public Policy, Ethics.
  2. Peter F. Drucker: Management Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices.
  3. Peter F Drucker: The Practice of Management.
  4. P.T.Joseph, S.J, E-Commerce: An Indian Perspective, Prentice Hall of India
  5. Kamalesh K Bajaj and Debjani Nag: E-Commerce, the Cutting Edge of Business:, Tata McGraw Hill.
  6. Schneider: E-Commerce:, Thomson Publication
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