Informatics and Cyber Ethics- Open Course

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Ancy C A
BSc Computer Science, Department of Computer Science
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  • 10 week duration
33 students

Course Outcomes:

  • To impart basic understandings of informatics
  • To understand the various concepts of cyber ethics
  • To understand various networking protocols
  • Understand cyber addictions and crimes


  • Unit I

The Internet, TCP/IP, IP Addressing, Client Server Communication, Intra-net, WWW, Web Browser and Web Server, Hyper links, URLs, Electronic mail.

  • Unit II

Internet as a knowledge repository, academic search techniques, creating cyber presence. Academic websites, open access initiatives, opens access publishing models, Introduction to use of IT in teaching and learning -Educational software, Academic services–INFLIBNET, NPTEL, NICNET, BRNET.

  • Unit III

Introduction to purchase of technology, License, Guarantee, Warranty, Basic concepts of IPR, copyrights and patents, plagiarism. IT & development, the free software movement

  • Unit IV

Cyber space, information overload, cyber ethics, cyber addictions, cyber crimes– catégories –person, property, Government–types-stalking, harassment, threats, security & privacy issues.

  • Unit V

Cyber Addiction, Information Overload, Health Issues, e-Waste and Green computing impact of IT on language & culture-localization issues- Unicode- IT and regional languages e-Governance in India, IT for National Integration, Role of IT.

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