Introduction to MS Office Package

Priyanka E Thambi
BVoc Banking & Financial Services, Department of Commerce, Department of Computer Science
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  • 10 week duration
50 students

Introduction to MS Office Package

Microsoft Office is a collection of office-related applications.It helps simplify basic office tasks and improve work productivity. Each application is designed to address specific tasks, such as word processing, data management, making presentations and organizing emails.Microsoft has developed multiple versions of Office that can be supported by different operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS. The most common Office applications are Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Other apps include Publisher, Access and OneNote.

The course offers the following Applications,

  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS PowerPoint

Course Objectives

  • Build spreadsheets to perform calculations, display data, conduct analysis, and explore what-if scenarios.
  • Create scientific and technical documents incorporating equations, images, tables, and bibliographies.
  • Develop technical and scientific presentations which use charts and visual aids to share data.

Course Outcomes

  • It prepares students to use application software to solve business problems and increase efficiency in the workplace.
  • It provides education for office careers by focusing on developing human relations skills, communication skills, as well as skills in modern office technology systems and procedures.
  • Module 1 : MS Word

    This module explains all the features and tools in MS Word.

  • Module 2 : Introduction to MS Excel
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  • Module 3 : Advanced features of MS Excel
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