Management Accounting

Shiju C R
BCom Taxation, Department of Commerce
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Management Accounting is primarily concerned with the requirements of the management. It
involves application of appropriate techniques and concepts, which help management in establishing
a plan for reasonable economic objective. It helps in making rational decisions for accomplishment of
management objectives.

Course Objectives:

  • To make students learn the tools and techniques of management accounting for the decision making.
  • To make students learn to apply  management accounting theories and practices to the management decision-making process and policy formulation.
  • To make students understand the importance of management accounting concepts in the management decisions for the fulfillment of overall objectives of an organisation.


  • S P Gupta, Management Accounting, Sahityabhavan, Agra
  • Pillai R S N and Bagavathi- Management Accounting- S Chand & Company
  • Management Accountant (Journal), Institute of Cost Accountants of India, Kolkata.
  • J Madegowda, Advanced Management Accounting, Himalaya Publishing House, Mumbai
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