Optics & Electricity

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Dr. Poornima N
Department of Physics
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  • 10 week duration
32 students

Programme: B.Sc. Mathematics

Semester: IV

Credits: 3

Course Introduction

Light as well as the effects produced by light have always fascinated human beings. This course deals with visually interesting at the same time application-wise useful phenomena like Interference, Diffraction and Polarization. It also includes a section on lasers and fiber optics and how transmission is possible with minimal loss using optical fibers. There is a section specifically dedicated to dielectrics and also on varying currents.

Course Objective

To equip students with the necessary fundamentals of important phenomena in optics and also on electricity.

Course Outcome

On completing this course, the student will have a clear understanding of interference, diffraction, polarization, laser and fiber optics and varying currents

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