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Department of Mathematics
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  • 10 week duration
  • Module I

    Methods of solutions of dx/P = dy/Q =  dz/R.  Orthogonal trajectories  of a  system of curves on a surface. Pfaffian differential forms and equations. Solution of Pfaffian differential equations in three variables, Partial differential equations. Origins of first order partial differential equation.

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  • Module II

    Linear equations of first order.  Integral  surfaces  passing  through  a  given curve. Surfaces orthogonal to a given system of surfaces. Nonlinear partial differential equation of the first order . Compatible systems of first order equations . Charpits Method. Special types of first order equations. Solutions satisfying given conditions.

  • Module III

    Jacobi’ s method The origin of second order  equations.  Linear  partial differential equations with constant coefficients. Equations with variable coefficients.

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  • Module IV

    Separation of variables. Non linear equations of the second order . Elementary solutions of Laplace equation. Families of equipotential surfaces. The two dimensional Laplace Equation Relation of the Logarithmic potential to the Theory of Functions.

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