Postcolonial Studies/ Literatures

Deepa George
BA English Model 2, Department of English
  • 28 students
  • 1 lessons
  • 1 quizzes
  • 10 week duration
28 students

Mahatma Gandhi University 6th sem Paper-for BA English Model II Teaching


The course explores the varied postcolonial responses to colonialism and its legacies that emerged in the twentieth century through literature. There will be a brief examination of the theoretical understanding of anti-colonial resistance from different parts of the world and postcolonial manifestations that continue to manifest through different expressions. This course intends to give students competency in key theoretical terms and concepts in the area of postcolonial studies and engage them in a critical reading of texts of the colonial and postcolonial times.


To familiarize the students the varied dimensions of postcolonial subjectivity through a Study of literary and Theoretical Texts


  • To make the students aware of the features of a postcolonial society
  • to make them analyse the connection between history, culture and literature from a postcolonial perspective
  • to engage the students in a critical reading of life and society of the colonial and postcolonial condition


  •  References

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